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Who's who?

Meet some of our characters.  Pupils learn about of each  of them, through individual stories and scenarios..  Pupils build vocabulary and semantic knowledge through  phased, reading comprehension tasks, fun games and activites that challenge all of the sensory systems, including our tactile, visual and auditory systems.



Alexander the Gardener.

Alexander works at Green Fingers Gardening Services.

He loves being outside and being creative.  He's a music lover and can often be heard playing his piano at home.



Jessie works at Pilar to Post Mail Services.

Jessie is chirpy and fast moving.  She knows everyone and likes to chat to everyone on her delivery round.  She can be a little nosy!



Veronika the Mechanic.

Veronika works at Shifting Gears Mechanics.  She  is very clever and can fix almost anything.  

Mr Osborne


Mr. Osborne the teacher, works at Sunnydale school.

He's a very kind and helpful teacher, who just loves reading.

He always seems to be writing notes for himself .  You  can find these stuck in what ever book he's been reading.

Pupils are introduced to various scenarios.   Can they use the clues to work out what has happened , who might have been involved and what they think should happen next?   Scenario clues, witness statements, suspect profiles are all provided to support the pupils higher level language skills.